I used to go to the Anyway Café all the time, savoring the house-infused vodkas, excellent martinis made with same, Russian-French bistro food, and classic bohemian atmosphere. But for whatever reason, I fell out of the habit of going there.

Until, that is, last Saturday, when the Alexandra Castaño Trio lured me in with several sets of boleros, the song form that originated in Cuba and then spread through most of the Caribbean basin. It is a music at which Castaño excels as a vocalist, and her trio performs with an eye to the history and preservation of the form. Some are instantly recognizable – “Historia de un amor,” “Quién será” (or “Sway”), “Lagrimas negras,” “Besame mucho” – and others a pleasure to be introduced to by way of the singer’s assured, full and often playful interpretations.

The trio will, as I understand it, be making further appearances at this distinctive little East Village locale, the which I look forward to attending.

For information about Anyway Café, click here.