The lovely little play that I saw on Saturday night began with the Spanish singer Lara Bello, dimly visible, evoking a lost bohemia from behind a diaphonous scrim, accompanied by the pianist Shai Bachar. It is almost a cameo to look at now, like something contained in a locket of long ago, from someplace in Iberia, where the spirit of the play was born. In ESTE NUESTRO ESPACIO, by Silvia Siller, a group of old bohemians meet to remember the life of a deceased friend with flamenco dance, song, guitar, and poetry. The dramatic situation is a sort of pretense for a theatrical revue of these several forms, but a meaningful and well-motivated one. The last performance of the play’s brief current run is this evening at the Poet’s Den Theatre, which is a gem of a space tucked away on East 108th Street.