GEZEITEN is directed and choreographed by Sasha Waltz, performed in two parts, and much of it in silence. The style of this dance theater piece is at first abstract, then a sort of deconstructed Naturalism that devolves into a post-apocalyptic Absurdism born of the truth that, having survived, it is the nature of human beings to pass the time even in the most futile circumstances, and even if their ways of doing so become increasingly puerile, perverse and nonsensical. Eventually, from the counterpunch of play and survival there arises a disturbing and darkly comic imagery in which whole new creatures are created out of the tools, properties and human bodies at hand – and suddenly we are in the vicinity of Dada, or Surrealism. It is the essence of postmodern performance that we have seen all of this before, but never, one feels, in quite this way or in the service of exactly this vision.

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