Christopher Nolan‘s INCEPTION. The themes are familiar. Think Philip K. Dick, Stanislaw Lem, Jorge Luis Borges, even Calderón, Cervantes, Shakespeare. Dreams within dreams, life as a dream, the universe dreamed by the maker. The filmmaking is deft, the timing exquisite, the rhythms gripping. Yes, there are the expected twists (or not) and the predictable ending (or not), the clues you are left with to sort through later (or not). The camera angles are deceptive (or not), the background focus suggestive (or not). Even the casting is a clue, especially the ever-so-smart-and-witty Ellen Page in a role not-quite-right-for-her (or is it?). And if you dreamed the ideal woman, might it not be Marion Cotillard? And might not Leonardo DiCaprio be the dreamer, he who never quite looks his age and always looks made-up to be older? But everyone and everything is made-up, no? Such is the labyrinth …

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