The New York Opera Alliance, a consortium of 29 of the smaller operatic entities in New York, presented a wonderful showcase of the city’s talent on Sunday afternoon at (le) poisson rouge. A wide selection of work was sampled, mostly contemporary and in English, often giving voice to subjects or communities that tend to be underrepresented at the more established venues. There was a great deal of wit, along with innovative and remarkably accomplished staging and vocal performance. The final act was from a piece called “Science Fair,” presented by HERE, which, as can be seen in the photo, set to some rather unlikely texts to music by Matthew Schickele. The operatic discourse on lunar behavior was followed by one on the ingredients contained in a Twinkie. There were, in fact, multiple high points to the event, which I was glad to see, and that will result in my paying much greater attention to the companies and venues in the city that make available such a diversity of artistry and subject matter.

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