Anyone who would like to see an exuberant bungee cord homage to the music of Tom Waits, drunk on circus and carnival and cheap whiskey and wobbly barstools and splintered boardwalks, has one more chance tomorrow night at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. The name of the piece is “A Window In” and it is part of the final program of the Fly-By-Night Dance Theater’s 2011 NYC Aerial Dance Festival. Heather Hammond and Sarah Wollschlager co-choreograph and perform, and Wollschlager has really outdone herself with this one. I tried to snap a no-flash photograph but was defeated by a recalcitrant camera and the challenges of arresting bodies so fervently and exhilaratingly in motion, or even in repose.

The photo shared, in which Wollschlager is airborne, is from Fly-By-Night.


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