Thursday evening last was the “grand reopening” of TANGO BAR at Villa Della Pace, where this weekly gathering of tango singers and musicians had for a time been held on Sundays. This was, in any case, my first time out to the event, which emphasizes tango singing of the most down-to-earth, neighborly, unpretentious, and occasionally ribald variety. The basement venue was deservedly packed, the food and drink was excellent, the singing and musicianship intimate and engrossing, and it is also possible to dance, an option of which a few persons, including myself, took advantage. The flamboyantly angstful singer and actor known as El Pulpo (aka Hector Pablo Pereyra) is Tango Bar’s impresario and main vocalist, but there are guest singers as well. All in all, TANGO BAR puts me in a dilemma, as I shall be forced on a weekly basis to choose between it and TANGO THURSDAYS in Brooklyn, of which I am a devotee, but that, as they say, is a nice problem to have.