Act I of TANGO CONNECTION: LOVE STORIES by Mariela Franganillo , currently playing at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts, exposes the private relationships of several couples through theatrical dance, song and music. Act II portrays the public face of those relationships in the context of a social dance event.

Hence the private lives that no one sees and which are in that sense less theatrical are ironically the most theatrical in their expression, whereas the public lives that everyone sees and which are in that way more theatrical are paradoxically less so. In the first instance, the theatrical is revealing of the truth of the relationships; in the second, the non-theatrical is concealing of it.

But of course the whole thing is a show, with much fine dancing, singing and musicianship throughout, and therefore theatrical in both of its parts, and all “pretend” as well, at least so far as we know.

For more on the Mariela Franganillo Dance Company, visit her here.

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