Dutch and Scandinavian are perhaps the two most underrepresented European cuisines in NYC restaurants, and also two of my favorites. So needless to say I have been a few times to Vandaag, a cleanly designed “Northern European” restaurant that has recently arrived in the East Village.

The dishes are minimalist but somehow satisfying, equal parts meat, fish and starch, and may be accompanied by one of several cleverly concocted gin cocktails (the best known brands in the U.S. are British, but gin was actually invented by the Dutch). I have liked everything I’ve tried so far, and loved most of it.

The most unusual – and the best – single item was the pickled oyster with a shot glass of warm consommé made from the juices of the mollusc itself. The most beautiful – cool pea soup with smoked scallop, oxalis, rugbrød, and rapeseed oil. Don’t worry, you may also choose from a variety of traditional open faced sandwiches and even a Netherlander’s take on the classic hamburger.

Vandaag has since closed.