Everyday Rapture

EVERYDAY RAPTURE, now playing at 2econd Stage Theatre, is a reminder that some theatrical genres, and some specific works, arise from the urgent need for certain personalities possessed of particular talents to express themselves.

Sherie Renee Scott has one of those personalities and a wealth of such talents (from singing to legerdemain), as well as much to say that is worth saying. She does so with wit, charisma, and most of all song. The borrowed numbers are remarkably well stitched together, as though written just for this monologue about a Mennonite Kansan cum Broadway star learning to reconcile spiritual humility with the self-love of the spotlight.

That’s a key word, “love,” and if EVERYDAY RAPTURE has a spiritual philosophy it is one of love broadly conceived. This is both a celebration of heartland culture and a genuine critique of its hypocrisies and moral shortcomings. I can’t say that the show wraps up in a wholly satisfying way, but perhaps that is because it is about life, which goes on.

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